The Decision: A Podcast about Conscious Capitalism

Seattle is a very entrepreneurial city, home to corporate game-changers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Costco and countless smaller companies and startups. It’s also a city where “the greater good” is a daily focal point of the civic conversation. Some days, it feels like a city conflicted.

That this mirrors the broader conversation about conscious capitalism was not lost on us. Seattle is a vast lab of capitalism, one that’s launched giants with global impact. This translates to a tremendous learning opportunity, and indeed as we delved into conversations with business leaders, we found a common thread: a tremendous desire to play a role in making the value of a business about more than its bottom line and, more importantly, direct experience in their attempts to do so. We heard stories of successes, failures and the challenging decisions made along the way.

Such was the genesis of The Decision, a podcast about conscious capitalism. Our first interviews are with:

The Decision is a production of past board members Jenny Martin (who hatched the idea), Bob Baranski (producer) and Hans Bjordahl (host).

You can find The Decision at the following locations and podcast services. We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please help us get the word out!