We are on a mission to redefine success in business.

We foster awareness of the principles of Conscious Capitalism. Our primary purpose is to inspire the creation of more conscious businesses: businesses galvanized by higher purposes that serve and align the interests of all their major stakeholders; businesses with conscious leaders who exist in service to the company’s purpose, the people it touches, and the planet; and businesses with resilient, caring cultures that make working there a source of joy and fulfillment. We truly believe that this will lead to a better world for all of us. Together business leaders can liberate the extraordinary power of business and capitalism to create a world in which all people live lives full of purpose, love and creativity – a world of compassion, freedom and prosperity.

Building a community of allied members and ambassadors that drive change by demonstrating hope and possibility.

1. Real Conversations community events featuring Conscious leaders that inspire and demonstrate how the principles can be applied to define success.

3. Awareness building campaign that drives learning and action (though ambassador training, online learning programs, the encouragement of action and the sharing of inspiration through social media and employee engagement)

4. Communities of inquiry. Peer-to-peer learning events offered through executive membership. CEO breakfasts will be offered quarterly.

For years, the definition of success in capitalism has been narrow and damaging:Take all you can. Serve only stockholders. Scorch employees, suppliers, the environment and even customers if that’s what it takes to get ahead. This behavior wasn’t just tolerated in business; it was lauded. It was “leadership.” Understandably, capitalism started to get a bad reputation.

Yet what was the alternative? History has exposed other economic systems as simply non-viable. Reactionary anti-capitalist movements have failed to find purchase largely because once the reflexive and understandable anger at the current system abated, no one could come up with any better ideas.

Conscious Capitalism is a better idea. Its emergence was articulated in the book “Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business” by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia in 2012. Conscious Capitalism envisions a new definition of success, one that values higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious leadership, and conscious culture and management. The surprise twist: Conscious Capitalism is not just a more meaningful way to conduct business; it’s more profitable, and the research proves it. To learn more about Conscious Capitalism, visit Conscious Capitalism in Six Clicks for a good starting point.

The result: a national movement that quickly turned international, with Conscious Capitalism chapters from the Bay Area to Brazil, from New York and New Zealand. But not for many years, curiously, in Seattle, a vibrant capitalism crossroads where one would expect this very Cascadian ethic to take especially strong root. That is, not until now.

Welcome to Conscious Capitalism Seattle.